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    Cheldan B-S-T

    sorry bough staff from others already~
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    is this bannable?

    did u know ... word "stupid" is better than "noob" .. so its a polite trashtalk :) anyway, many players do this .. in this kind of situation .. lol
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    illegal des

    he/her des while 2 vs 1 ( cora vs acc + bels ) war time : this time ign : MissJihyo
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    Free D's!

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    Oldest Player in RFO that still active!

    years started : forgot, when mahkel still active, 2010 maybe age : 28 race : all race already try
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    Pervy IGNs

    no 1 ofcourse
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    Yoodarth B/S/T/RT

    dont bother , im already buy it, 2 days u were not online while im waiting
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    Yoodarth B/S/T/RT

    dagan = 5k lgs dagon = 5k lgs
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    [23rd] T/B/S+RT

    sorry got it already bump then ~
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    Elf sk ign : iRaX 720p please move to right section. thanks
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    Newbie Need Help

    kill red haired splinter .. and be patient .. ^^
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    im using fraps .. ^^

    im using fraps .. ^^
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    lowbie killer or not ? port to sw when someone shouting lowbie killer there .. after teleport this guy suddenly attacking me and attacking some lowbies .. 720p and pls move to the right section if yes, thx :)
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    Road To Max Tempo

    been waiting for this ^^
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    Elf sk 720p and sorry no sound ... please move to right section. thanks