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  • sir , can i ask ? about my friend . is money trading here enable? my friend TukangPelet[Race : Bells] do it ,he is account buyer and item in real money, all of thoose item he has atm.
    if really enable i want it also, even i dont understand to pay credit this game T.T.
    please check GM. kinda u tell me about it.

    please check also, your balance server sir.
    we are normal player vs donor is not equals
    imba dodge atm , useless accu. needed to new update anymore .
    Sir , can tron re exchange the main class of a certain character , i was planning to change it MELLE into RANGER one is that possible and are that FREE or Paid?
    Sir GM please Update the Ban List, supposedly Im able to Log IN to the Game Right now.. 72hrs already passed. Thanks
    im expecting a reply from you sir, i need my character back, ive been following rules since day 1 i played rfo..if you cant answer me i think i have to talk with tron -ZeaLCOOL
    sir pls.. hear me out....!!!! ..... unbanned me pls... i didn't do anything... how comme i got involved on that (behind the flag?)... i've no idea .. what went wrong>??.... how come i got banned... huhuhuhu...
    sir why can't log in my account?... just got disconnected and then Error:Login: Unknown error 40??????... This is []jude[] i didn't do anything....wews....:ak:
    sir why i can't log in my account . I got ban for 3 days started on nov. 29 today is the day that my account will be active . pls update me sir ! tnx Character name : Aranca69
    GM Please Read my Message THIS IS ME MawiTaylorSwift AKA the change name Alcaline :( thankss please sir
    RF Client crashes when I accept elven blade and jetpack at start.. any help?

    Race: Cora
    IGN: OSCorp
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