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  • help, can you please unbanned my account? ive been waiting for so long now,, and i want to play.. please help me.. username: jetz
    please Gm un banned me im just a newbie i don't know why im banned in OC..it my first time to play RF..so i don't know the roles plz GM....IGN: xxMangkanoRxx user: chadi21
    sir please Help me. . . im newbie here i dont know the Rules, why im ban the reason is attacking in BehindtheFlag. . . but im not attacking in flag sir i dont have dmg. T_T
    sir can you tell me who's GM is going to ban me? and what is the reason? please reply to me ASAP!..
    sir can you help me... i've created a new account but when i log it in the game got error wrong name but the id and pass is correct.. my launcher is from mirror site 1 at downloads
    Sir my Clinch was banned just now? how did that happen? i didn't even kill any char behind the flag it just happened that when i attacked it was still on the outside right after my damage hit him that time he was already on the inside
    sir how come you perma ban me with insulting mother cross only? really sir no consideration at all? im not a hacker or violate any rules in this game pls give a chance to my char Converse2 ty and i hope u unban me last chance pls!
    sir can u please check my account? i was banned by sir SB last wed.for 72hrs.. i believe my account has consumed 72hrs+ already and it's still not unbanned, thanks...username: jeromar IGN: WindWalker
    Sir GM my Account is of Reason RMT but thats not me its my cousin Please unbanned me my IGN:amsun[G]26 sir please unbanned me my cousin use my account then he RMT please understand me my cousin do that 1st time please give my coucsin 2nd chance
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