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  • nope im play mage x tank, hrmm im waitting for TRON to begin play
    but he not read my msg yet
    i will pm u in game later :D
    I know right? I've donated for like $200 also and i regretted it now since the gms suck and the gms aren't even helping at all. I wouldn't play at eqg again as well if i were you since the server is pretty much dead and almost all rf pservers are dying. I'm waiting for Berkanix which will has it's OB at december. =D
    yo mate, need items at cora? i won't play again and i saw that you have a cora according to your sig. =p
    OMG, since i saw your name i really read it as VANLADESCA. loool so is Vandesdelca. sorry XD
    kk cool, guess imma donate for some eles and start pawning ass again. =p Wanna make a guild?
    Meh, it totally whack here mate. I donated for the elems and doom blasted ymaus for 80k ._. My donation had expired though, and i'm cora at noir. Lemme know when you're playing there.
    Yo van, addict here. What race are you at? Got pretty decent items at acc if you're interested. =p I'm looking for RFe Noir gp.
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