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  1. erick11

    Hello Guys :D

  2. erick11

    Mga bugoy!!

    TAra't bumalik nah.. asan na kayo!!! :aw: BoSsDk
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    Please explain this thanks....

    What are you doing? Just a question.... please asnwer Thanks.... :az:
  4. erick11

    Friendzone (pinoy ony)

    xLh2r-lgC9w nakatambay ako syempre gawaing binatilyo ako ay nag-iisa at hawak ko ay sigarlyo at bigla kang dumaan at ako’y napatingin tumayo akong bigla na para bang may nais hingin (ano kaya yun?) hmm siguro numero, di ko alam ang gagawin bigla akong natuliro huminga ko ng malalim...
  5. erick11

    Price check please (bcc only

    How Much For a +6 SS FR H.U.L.B (ALL FAVOR) ? +6 SS FR HEAD +6 SS FR UPPER +6 SS FR LOWER +6 SS FR BOOTS Thanks... :ah:
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    Any comments? :ah:
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    Bye guys... :br: see you soon......:cb:
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    What's your favourite "OLD SCHOOLD SONG" (TAGALOG)

    Si Luningning by Denmark b5vKvhzR-yc URL: Anak ni Luningning by Denmark oql3YR92ZUM URL:
  9. erick11

    Soichiro's Trade Thread

    [Holy Alliance] BUY/SELL/TRADE [Bellato Union] BUY/SELL/TRADE B> +5 Superior Protection Shield = LGS +7 CR SET 65 RareB = ANY D @ ANY RACE B> +5 SS FR GLOVES FAVOR = 300 LGS (FIXED) S> ANY D (ANY RACE) = 5k LGS in BELLS ONLY :af: -SPECIAL OFFER- GIVE ME YOUR BEST OFFER
  10. erick11

    Illegal Desrune (ACC -03:00am- CW)

    ORIGINAL EDITED IGN: [cycKi] RACE: Accretia During: 3am CW Thanks.... :bo:
  11. erick11

    Erick[11]'s B/S/T -HOT THREAD- 2013

    ACCRETIA Selling: 1. +7 65 Close Range Set = OFFER? 2. +7 65 Long Range Set = OFFER? Trading: 1. +5 SS Long Range SET (H.U.L.B) = +5 SS Close Range SET (H.U.L.B) Leave Offer :cb:
  12. erick11

    Few ACC Spawn Killing @ Elf (30sec Violation)

    IGNs: xSouLSteaLeRx, TaiLLuC, psyroa15, Skyline[D] and StepHany28 Video: VGqXkNisC00 Thanks... :ah:
  13. erick11

    Gi Gi -Gwiyumi

    Thanks [AMBER] :ar:
  14. erick11

    Hidden mickey

  15. erick11

    Erick's NEW *THREAD* (ACC,BCC and CORA)

    Bellato Buying: B> +6 SS CR UPPER = 1D EACH PM ME :bt: Cora Buying: B> Guild Any Grade = LGS Selling: S> +6 N Force Darkness Gloves = PURE LGS RaceTrading: BCC [to] ACC 3D bro's SET = 3D bro's SET BCC [to] CCC +7 Close Range SET 65B = +7 Close Range SET 65B ACC [to] CCC +6 SS LAU...
  16. erick11

    Question About WarHammer FR SET

    I dunno what to get either +0 WarHammer Fr or Cr in CCC side. is it good to have +0 WarHammer or not worth buying it because its only +0 Def Type MageXSummoner or Melee :af: Please give suggestion & comments
  17. erick11

    Using G Word or "BAKLA"

    Darkiller[B]: warning mga bakla >.> Thanks "[MOD]SelfishMe Please mOve my Post" :bk:
  18. erick11

    Yes!! :) finally tweak tweak!

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    YOU!!!! :am:
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    I'm Confused.......

    ABOUT THIS I know someone saif already that, we need to put Forum Name as Buying and Sell Example: Erick11 B/S/T Thread???? About the edit function, We cannot edit the title... Even you able to edit it, but it doesn't change :bx: