4 vs 4 Battle Royal Event


Olympic GameMasters
Dec 18, 2012
Land of the Red Sand
What: 4 vs 4
When: Every 2nd Sunday of the Month @ 4PM (+8 GMT)
Who: All 3 Races (ACC / BCC / CCC)
Where: Random (TBA)
Status: Continuous (Monthly)

Dear Olympians

The long wait is over, this coming August we will be launching the 4 vs 4 battle to the death, this is your chance to prove what it takes to be the best, gather your friends, form a team and join the competition, and see how far you can go.

Every team must consist of 4 members, and can choose any class they desire, all Team's who wish to join this event must register with a team name.

Those teams of every race will then compete each other until there will be 1 remaining team of each race left. The winners of each race will then compete to the last team standing via royal rumble and the winning team (or last man standing of what team) will then be considered the winning team of the said battle royal. (Max 4 Team each Race)

This is a First Come First Serve Basis, be the first 4 team in your race to register.

  • Every Team must be in 1 Guild, so that it will be easy for us to identify which team you belong, so that we can avoid confusion, if you don't have a guild and wish to participate in this event, you need to join one.
  • Race Leader's, Council's and Donator's are not allowed to join this competition, but they can still join using different character on the same account, and must use same item's with the rest.
  • Using any kind of Rune's, Barrier skill, Resurrection skill, Revival potion, Stone Curse skill and Force Freezing skill are not allowed, failure to comply will result for team disqualification.
  • This is a 1 Character 1 Account policy, registering 2 characters in a same account is not allowed.
  • During the Match, A Player is not allowed to Hide or Take Cover in a Parked MAU, if he/she does, the Player will be disqualified from the Match.
  • Every Match will be given a Maximum of 5 minutes Time Limit, whichever Team got a higher number of Members that are still Standing/Alive shall be the one who will be Declared as the Winner.
  • Using of all kinds of Charm's and Generator's are not allowed.
  • Using Stealth Potion or skill similar to this is not allowed.
  • During the match, a Player is not allowed to TP out or use the skill similar to this.
  • All Team's must present themselves 1 hour before the Event start, for Scanning purposes, don't bring any item that isn't Precise for this Event.
  • All participants will be restricted to level 50 only.
The Following are the Only item's can be use in this Event
• Level 50 Normal Armor's (all Race +4 Max Ups)
• Level 50 Intense Weapon's (all Race +5 Max Ups), except for the Accretia Launcher
• Level 50 Intense Shield, and Level 45 Intense Shield for those Classes with 66pt Shield (+4 Max Ups)
• Level 45 Intense Launcher for Accretia Striker Class (+5 Max Ups with Level 50 Red Siege Kit)
• Level 50 Animus for Cora Summoner Class
• Black MAU for Bellato Rider Class (you can only bring one Goliath or Catapult)
• Manto[1] (all Race +4 Max Ups)
• Hero Elem's (all Race)

If we caught Player using other than the Item's being mentioned above, he/she will be subject to 3 days account ban, so play fair.

The Winning Team in this event will receive 100 credits, and shall be divide into 4 (25 credits each member)

All registration should be submitted here on the link below:
4 vs 4 Battle Royal Event - Official Registration Thread

If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to post them here:
4 vs 4 Battle Royal Event - Discussion Thread

Rules, Prizes and Dates may change without prior Notice if the Staff decided so.
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