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Dec 16, 2009


Want to learn more about donations? Want to support RFOlympic?

Glad you decided to take a look at the donations and eventually support us. In this section you'll find anything regarding donations, what is it, why do we have donations, how to do a donation and what we can reward you with after you donated.​
Donations... What is it? And why do we need them?

Donations are gifts given voluntarily without return consideration. They are here to help us to pay the monthly bills of our servers. Without them and without your support, we wouldn't be able to afford to pay the bills, monthly, of all our servers and therefore RFOlympic wouldn't be here, or at least, wouldn't be that popular and successful as we couldn't have handled to welcome so many users.​
Donations Agreement

By submitting a donation to, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from us, though, rewards will be given to those who have donated as a thank you for your continued support. This form of donation is completely voluntary as explained earlier, and it is used to improve RFOlympic.​

Send a personal message, for example:
Open a ticket on the forum.​
PM should include:​
1. Donation type(PayPal/western union/MoneyGram),​
2. Amount donated,​
3. email used for donation,​
4. Account name (not IGN),​
5. SPECIFIC DETAILS of the items that you wish to purchase with your Donation.​
  1. 1.PayPal
  2. $50
  3. [email protected]
  4. my_account
  5. I would like to buy 50 Credits

By submitting a donation you agree to the terms presented in the following lettered statements:
1. You will not attempt to recall your donation to
2. You will not dispute the charges incurred to your pp account from your voluntary donation to
3. You understand that this is a voluntary donation and it is not refundable or disputable at any time or any reason.
4. Any attempt to fraud donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s) from our network.
5. Being a donator does not give you any privileges. You will be a threat just like any other player.
6. If reward received in response to a donation or donation(s) was stolen/lost/misplaced/dropped in game, we will not be held responsible for its recovery.
7. If you do not agree to these terms, do not send in a donation.
By sending a donation, you agreed to this Agreement.

Patiently wait 24 hours to receive requested Credits (delivery normally within 6-12 hours).

Warning!!! Before you buy items you need to have a bank in the game. All purchased items will you have in your bank.
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