Enemy at the Gates / Callian Invasion.

Enemy at the Gates / Callian Invasion.
Important alert for all Novus citizens. Enemy at the gate, FURIOUS monsters arrived from "Eter" on our lands. They attack local residents, arrange disruptions in the supply of paramilitary equipment to protect civilians.
Mechanics: of action:
At the specified point in the "Sette Desert", task of each race is to clear the territory from the Callian invasion. Protect your land, the outcome of events depends on your actions.
At the event it is forbidden:
~ Start the event as the administration announces this
~ Arrange PvP
The administration gives out prizes to everyone who takes part. (After the event, all the nicknames will be on the video).
The event will be held Friday at 18:00. May 22, 2020 (GMT + 8 Philippines)
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