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In search of SALVATION

Greetings to the Olympians. Scientists of the Novus cartel managed to find the ancient ruin pillars, their
the signs contain many secrets and incredible strength that scientists need to unravel and use to save Novus.
Their ship was hit by enemy forces and parts of ruin pillars scattered throughout the Eter.

Mechanics of action:
1. Those who wish to take part fly / teleport to Eter 10 minutes before the start of the Event (All races).
2. The admin will spawn one column at a time, and give an approximate position on the map.
3. The task of the player to find the pillar and be sure! hit him with a hand (without weapons).
4. Once have found the first pillar, players wait until the admin takes into account the player that has found the pillar and spawn a new pillar.

For each of the first 10 pillar, the player receives 3 points. And the master of the game indicates an approximate place.
For each of the second 5 pillars, the player receives 5 points. The master of the game does not give clues. (Search only on the map).
If after 15 pillars there are no three winners, the Game Master will extend another 5-10 pillars.

Use of all negative effects (Quicksand, fetters, etc.) !!

1st place.
One piece of armor 55 lvl increase in HP / FP +0, depending on Race, class.
High Grade Ring, for one week.

2nd place.
30 Absolute Potion (depending on your race)
Ring "Dagan" For the whole time.
3rd place
20 pieces Chocolate Valentine's Day.

4 Ore 10 Stacks

The event will take place on Friday at 18:00. June 5, 2020 (GMT + 8 Philippines)

Greetings friend.
. Our developer said that yes, such a bug exists when a player with a weapon in his hands is on my screen, but there is no weapon on his screen.

Because of this, we watched the video twice in detail and counted the points, the one who first attacks the pillar in any way.
2. The event administrator used the special Robe to move very quickly. When she is dressed, she makes him a little transparent, and after talking with the players the day before, they said that they can’t see me, but after half the event, the player said that his opponent is following me, sees me, and says that I don’t have an invoice .
Because of my speed, the players did not know where I was, and only in one moment the player ran in my direction, I turned on the invisibility and changed the path and he honestly found a pillar in two cases, carefully watch the video.

3. There were two points where the administrator indicated incorrectly the players who first attacked the pillar.
4. One column did not record how it hit 0z, there is information in the chat. I originally wanted to pause the video so it wasn’t long, but in this case I turned it on after this pillar, but it’s good that it was there only so that there were no claims. Thank.

The video did not load on YouTube for a long time, as a result, we recorded the full video on Twitch
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Jan 28, 2020
Top Places:
s]H[o 31 points
Sugartastic 16 points
Vajra 15 points
The final battle for second place was between Sugartastic , Vajra and Sugartastic won.
Prizes will be awarded soon.

All participants and points are correctly calculated.
Annihilation +3, +3
ChreLan +3
KlutZ +3
Awsakit619 +3
0z +3
s] H [o +3, +3, +5, +5, +3, +12 (31)
BLACKCAT + 3, + 3
IS7 +5
Vajra + 5, + 5, + 5 (15)
Sugartastic +3, +12 (+1 at finale battle) (16).

Everything was spawned:
10 pillars (3 points)
6 pillars (5 points)
3 pillars (3 points)
2 pillars (12 points)