Just for Fun.


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Aug 28, 2014
Cagayan De Oro, Philippines.
Just for Fun.

Since it's BER MONTHs the D brother invasion is about to happen! All players will be summoned at Ether Platform. During the invasion take a screenshot of your character and send it on my RF OLYMPIC GM FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and gain entries to qualify in Raffle Draws.

Click this link. All players must submit their entries here by sending me a private message. That is my RF OLYMPIC FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. ( ONLY ACCOUNT )
Sicherheitskontrolle erforderlich

Event Time : Tuesday, September 5 +8 GMT after 2pm WAR!

Get ready and don't forget to take a screenshot during the invasion.

Submission format :
Image :

All images will be compiled and will be used for promotional. So I hope everyone will participate and send their Pictures to us! Good luck Olympians :)
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