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Oct 30, 2012
Good day! My name is Mat, 17 years of age. Born on October 8, 1997. I am a currently a college student at the University of Santo Tomas (one of the top 4 universities of the Philippines) with the program BS Computer Science.

First of all, being active in the community is not a problem since I’ve played all three races in my entire stay in RFO (since early 2011). That being said, I am confident to say that I have established enough friendships/relationships with a lot of players in RFO not only in the game but I’ve also met some in real life.

During my free days especially on my long weekends and vacations, I am able to commit more than 15 hours everyday, so I guess committing 15-20+ hours for an event to fulfill the duties of the position is not a problem to me. Even if I am a student, I can still commit to be online everyday to attend at least 1 CW so that I could monitor the status of each race.

Helping my fellow players in the game is also something that I love to do. When I’m not doing PVP, I always tend to avoid staying in HQ and try to look for people who are in need of help (especially lowbies), I really love the feeling of fulfillment when you are able to help somebody out of your own intention plus, it would be a nice act to help a race or even the server for it encourages people to do the same and help each other.

Almost all my RFO life I’ve been with a team. Being an extrovert, I can’t stand being alone doing all the work, I always enjoy working with the company of friends and being productive together in striving for excellence.

Moderating social media accounts of RFO will also be my pleasure for I myself am very active in my social media accounts even if I’m not at home. I never let a day pass without me checking on my social media accounts because I feel like I’ve missed a big part of the day when it happens.

Being and Event Master would be a great job for me since I love helping people and conducting events would be a more fun and nice way to do it since I can be creative with how I would like to help people. I am also an open-minded person and I certainly am a person who have feelings. Having possessed these traits, I believe that I can be able to do my job well in this position since I myself has a heart of service to others.

Feel free to PM me if you need any other info. Thank you very much and may God bless you. :)


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May 8, 2011
The Shire, Middle Earth
Hi, here's my application for this position.

First, I'm 17 years old (May 28, 1997), student. Male.

Second, with me being a Political Science student, I believe that I can be that active in our community.

Third, back then last march to june during my vacation, I played for almost 15 - 18 hours a day. I can only play with those hours during vacations though. But I can assure you that I can still manage to fulfill the Event Masters duties once I got this position. I'll make sure that if there are some events (e.g RFOlympic's Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, and many more that can make our community more interesting), I'll always be there to conduct them without delays. It is also an opportunity of mine to make this game more interesting not only when it comes to pvp but also when it comes to talents and etc. And I'll make sure that the event that I'm going to do would be fair enough for everyone to benefit.

Fourth, I'm very willing to do my duties outside of my regular activities. But I have to be honest that there are times that I'm not available since I also have my personal life.

Fifth, working with others as a team and strive for excellence is not a problem for me since it is our practice in political science.

Sixth, I can run events, capture videos, and upload them in youtube or in our fb page. Editing videos is also my hobby. I'm may not be that professional when it comes to editing but still It can help.

Additional Information:
I've been playing RFOlympic since December, 2010.
I'm from Philippines.

I've seen that there's no format stated in original thread. So please, I'll be glad if you pm me for more information (can be personal). Thank you and Godbless :)!


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Aug 24, 2012
GM Bogcess

Dearest Tron,

I am interested on this new vacancy as an Event Master for this wonderful server.

1. I am over 17 years of age; 27 to be exact.

2. I guess you can consider me active here on your server for the past 2-3 years. I'm still currently playing from time to time and is mostly present during 4:00 AM (+8 GMT) chip wars.

3. I can commit several hours of game time for event days.

4. I believe I am very much qualified for this position. I don't want to show too much effort, so I'll let my credentials speak for itself:
a) I have been recording RFO videos for the longest time. You can view all my recorded videos here on my channel:

Also not to brag or anything, but I think I have the most number of videos recorded in RFO's history.
b.)I maintain an active sticky thread for the list of chip breakers which you can find here:
c.) I have spontaneous ideas and come up with new and exciting events for your server.

5. This would depend of course. But I think with proper time management and coordination, it can be done. I can schedule important game events and block out my calender to help the server.

6. One of my strongest traits is that when I do something, I always strive for excellence; to be the best.

I am a great team player and I'm always open for new ideas. If something can be improved, I always look for new ways and solutions to problems.

I hope you consider my application.

Thanks and I hope to look forward to contributing more for this server.



Olympic GameMasters
Jul 15, 2011
Hi, my name is Mark, Forum name is yaobu1 or called kLip by many in-game. I have been an old player and have been continuously supporting the server for a long time. I have been focused since then about checking things like adjustments needed in-game, suggesting things that i think needs to be done regarding flaws and doing researches that might actually help the server especially as it matures. I have done what i can to be of help by suggesting things to do to our current heads so that they will have ideas on things of how it has been and what the cries and opinion of our RFO community. I have become a voice to some especially if they have concern. Being already a Forum moderator, it already gave me a little leverage to help out more to our community and so far, it has been a great run and my time on doing my responsibilities are still on and still good.

Certain reasons that i think i am qualified for events master are the following:

1. I am confident enough to think of good events that which i not only think is good, but will make this community alive and kicking once again.

2. I am a part of a staff in organizing events (in real life) like weddings, birthdays, parties and other occasions (carshows, x-mas parties, etc2x) which i am confident was successful and gives me confidence that i can give satisfaction to the people in this community also regarding the events that i conduct.

3. I have given event suggestions that was confirmed by other GMs since back then and was even done by a few Donators in game that was also succesful. (though some were done only on the race i was in which was in ACC)

4. As a person that i believe if given the position, I will not just conduct events as i pleased, but i will put into priority the communities suggestion first and always re-check if it is also beneficial not only to them but to everyone.

5. I work hard and work smart on the responsibilities given. Some here knows how hard i work and the time i give to the tasks given to me in this game despite how hectic my job is in - real life. (add the job where i work as a property specialist and that summarizes how miserable my life is :cd: )

If given the privilege to be put in that certain spot for the benefit of the community, I promised to do my best and do what i can to keep this community alive and kicking with more support, more time allotted than usual and extra dedication to make this a more fun and better community. That`s all. :)


May 16, 2013
hi, TRON.

1. I'm 23yo, male & employed.
-playing RFO since 2010.

2. weekly time & hours active:
monday,tuesday & wensday - 2pm thru 10pm PH TIME (total:8hrs)
wensday & thursday (day off) - i can do 24hrs active online IN-GAME.
friday,saturday & sunday - 2pm thru 6pm PH TIME (total:4hrs)

3. my preferred time & day to do an event will be my day off (wensday & thursday).
why? b'coz my pc gaming is better than my laptop to do event,capture video(fraps),upload video on youtube & FB.

-my internet speed at home:

-my youtube videos channel:
-Also i can do live-stream at twitch:

4. IF ever i've been chosen as "EVENT MASTER". i will do my best i could & contribute more for this server.

my goals:
- to make their day happy & enjoy.
- Giving them an enjoyable event.
- i'm fine w/o me getting paid credits.

5. it will be depends on my day time.

6. I will respect my team and work as a team.
I always strive for exellence.

thanks and I hope you consider my application.

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Oct 6, 2013
Application for an Event Master

Warmest Greeting Sir [MENTION=1]TRON[/MENTION],

First of all, I would like to congratulate you, Sir Tron for doing a tremendous job in bringing the server to the number 1 spot, regardless of any challenges and shortcomings that this server encountered. You deserve a KUDOS! Sir Tron.

Without a further ado, I would like to properly introduce myself first, I'm Neil a.k.a MangoPie or xSaboteur [IGN]. Been a player and an active member since 2011. I'm 24 years of age. Born on January 7, 1991. I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of St. La Salle. I currently live in the Philippines and working as a Resolution Specialist for Hewlett - Packard ( HP ).

As per qualifications are concerned, here are the breakdown of my own achievements:

1. Must be at least 17 years of age
- Yes, I'm at the legal age to work for this server.

2. Must be EXTREMELY active in the community
- Being active in the community is my main priority. I could assure you that I'll be able to be online as often as needed since I do have an internet access all the time. Indeed, all the time, since I have my internet access on my mobile phone, office and especially at home. In consideration that the ISP will undergo such maintenance, which is rarely happened.

3. Must be able to commit at least 15-20+ hours to fulfill Event Master Duties.
- For me, 15-20 hours or more is not a challenge because during my spare time, especially after work or rest days, I'm just sitting in front of my PC to burn some time. Considering the fact that I just live in front of my office.

4. Must show effort in the application.
- The description for this position parallels my passions and qualifications perfectly as an Event Master with four years of comprehensive experience in this server. Ultimately, I know my heart wants to follow a different path and passion and I believe joining a full-service event production and event management team, such as yours, aligns with my interests and desires. I also have all the qualifications necessary to excel in this position. As my experience is concerned with real life or in the game, it provided me with the opportunity to manage multiple events, budgets, deadlines, schedules, and programs for a very diverse demographic.
- In addition, I already created a thread regarding event suggestion prior to this announcement. Please feel free to have a glimpse of the thread. Here's the link: http://www.rfolympic.com/showthread.php?t=50814

5. Must be willing to do duties outside of their regular duties.
- As a holistic person, I don't limit myself to my comfort zone. I tend to go beyond what I can do to exceed someone's expectation. Rest assured that any task will be given, will be done in a less supervision.

6. Must be able to work as a team and strive for excellence.
- Not only do I have the professional knowledge necessary to be successful in this position, but I also have excellent interpersonal skills and experience in being a resolution specialist at work, dealing with a diverse population including organization members, executives and coworkers. I can also bring a creative and fresh approach to events as well as maintain a detail oriented and organized approach to event coordination. Furthermore, my energetic and positive personality allows me to work well with others while still displaying a hard work ethic and professional demeanor. I am confident that my abilities and passion for events make me a successful and capable event planner.

I would greatly appreciate the privilege to discuss my candidacy and qualifications. Thank you for opening another opportunity in becoming an additional member of the admin team.

More Powers Sir Tron and Long Live Olympians!.​
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Mar 2, 2011
Dear Mr. TRON

Im writing this to express my interest for the position of Event Master. My interest in the position comes after reading the requirements for the position and realizing that they all are in line with the qualification that I myself have. Therefore, I believe that I would make an excellent candidate for this position.

My name is Suhandi Eka Putera, born in Indonesia, September 16 1972.
Im a graduate from Brawijaya University with an Honors degree in Computer Engineering. And I have several years of event and marketing coordination experience.
Currently right now Im working for my company CV. El Comindo Computer and OnesNet Cyber Cafe as an owner.

according to qualifications and requirements :

  1. Currently right now I'm 42 years old.
    active loyal player RF Olympic since 2010. Never stopped playing in RF Olympic since then.
  2. Since the very first time I play in RF Olympic. I always trying my best to get in touch with the community, in fact I'm currently leading the RF Olympic Indonesia community right now
  3. 15-20 hours is not an issue for me, since I own an internet cafe (24/7) and having to be online in any time is my duty.
  4. I hope you can see my effort to be involved in the community in these past years.
    this is my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/…/UC2JSZgpU8K03WSlFkye…/videos
  5. Currently right now Im enjoying my retirement in real life and just manage my business, so I can spend more time to serve RF Olympic and willing to do any duties.
  6. Im ready to work as a team and strive for excellence
Playing in RF Olympic is more than a hobby for me, my wife and my son play it too, which made me more even happier and that's why I never stopped playing since then.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon !

Sincerely yours

Suhandi Eka Putera
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Jan 23, 2014
in my heart

First of all Good Day. I wrote this as an application later in a short way to show my interest for this great position. My real name is Leparto, Alven June Barredo, 21 years of age and born on June 8, 1993 in the Matalam North Cotabato (Philippines). I am now living in Maramag Bukidnon (Philippines).

I am active in Forum Community 16 hours minimum everyday together when I'm playing RF Olympic Game and I am also helping newbies player about there questions in the game especially guiding them about the rules in the game and forum community. I'm already retired employee since 2011 and now I am only doing business a store at my house while playing on this game, so I can manage on this position because I have always a time to do the duties and to guide more Co-Players. And I am playing or working as a team member especially if I'm a team leader because I am proud about teaching, listening, and commenting what a team right to achieve.

I am hoping for your kind and consideration to accept my application because I am longer player on this server and continue guiding and recruiting people. Thank you and more power for our server.

Your applicant names in game,
DrY[SkuLL] / Natus[Vincere]


May 17, 2014

I wrote this letter because i am interested in this spot as an event master here in rf olympic it is a pleasure to be one of your masters in this game. i have 4 years of experience in this server and i'm still loving to play with this. I'm willing to serve people on this servers put some new and awesome event on this game. Creating plans for enjoyment of this server and attract more people to play it again.

I'm Active on this community and times always allows me to play anyway.

I'm 20 years old from the poor country of Philippines. Thats all i don't want to make this long but my interest is really big on this Event master.


Jan 10, 2013
Good Day

i'd like to offer my services to the server. first of all i'd like to introduce my self i'm Kair 23 years of age. been playing since 2011 and i started to have deep regard for the server. Studied Bachelor of science Information Technology at AMA University, Graphic and Arts became my Hobbies creating banners, video, my friends branded me as crazy but im just creatively insane and in our line of work being creative is a must.

Must be at least 17 years of age
Feb 24, 1992. 23 years of age.
Must be EXTREMELY active in the community
i am Extremely active in the community.
Must be able to commit at least 15-20+ hours to fulfill Event Master Duties
i believe having 5hours of sleep is enough
Must show effort in the application - We don't expect a huge essay, but don't want one liners either
i also don't expect to have huge essay, i don't like reading huge essay, and i also dont want to have one liners either because it wont show my strength and it doesn't have any impact at all. but i'd like to keep it creatively simple.
Must be willing to do duties outside of their regular duties
i am willing to do any duties outside of regular event master duties if the given situation requires me to do.
Must be able to work as a team and strive for excellence
showing professionalism to other players and being a role model to everyone, and giving friendly atmosphere to the work environment that is why i like to work in a team striving for excellence with everyone in the team

Video i made with the request of former GM Sexballs in the past event
Facebook Cover photos i made in the past event for RFOlympic luckily i won something for being creative

proof that i can do something with photoshop
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Mar 11, 2015
A Pleasant Day to you Tron,

I am Michael. Some of my RF Online friends brought me here in RF Olympic since there is a open opportunity for Event GM. I have to give it a try since it is my passion, being an event master. Here it goes:

1. Must be at least 17 years of age;
- I am 24 years old going 25 this year.

Must be EXTREMELY active in the community;
- I am interpreting being active as socializing with players, talking to them, communicating through events and other similar situation. Then yes I am active in these stuffs. This is what I do, this is what I am. I like playing, yes, but i give more time in communicating with other players.

Must be able to commit at least 15-20+ hours to fulfill Event Master Duties;
- I'll be honest with this, I cannot commit with this given time 15-20+ hours if this is daily. I have a work as a certified public accountant. You must be asking why I am still applying for these GM Task. Well, As I have read, this is mainly an Event GM task. I am creative in terms of giving "EXCITING", "CHALLENGING" and "INNOVATIVE" Events. I do best in planning phase and actual deployment of events. I systematically plans them for it to be enjoyable. I give my pride in my events. I love being praised because of it. Its my pride on stake for being the EVENT MASTER anyway. I can only do as much as 2 - 3 hours during weekdays and 3 - 5 hours during weekends

Must show effort in the application - We don't expect a huge essay, but don't want one liners either;
-I give effort in everything. I don't do mediocare task. I might sound bragging but that's the real deal when you got me.

Must be willing to do duties outside of their regular duties;
-I'll be honest again with this stuff. I can do other regular duties too. But I only have more time doing other duties on weekends.

Must be able to work as a team and strive for excellence;
-Piece of cake. Just joking, Yes this is easy for me. I am sensitive with my workmates. I tend to ask their opinions first if needed and I don't meddle much in theirs publicly. I do things discretely to avoid being misunderstood.

You might also ask what do I expect in return in doing these job. Nothing much. Just let me do my passion and chat with other people.

By the way, you might doubt my capabilities. I already have 3 or 4 years Event Master Experience and at least 5 years RF Player.

Let me know if you still have more questions or you are interested in my application. Let's get in touch.

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Oct 17, 2013
1. Must be at least 17 years of age
im already 21 years old
2. Must be EXTREMELY active in the community
i am very active in-game and here at forums
3. Must be able to commit at least 15-20+ hours to fulfill Event Master Duties.
if that means 15-20hours / week well i can do more than that.
4. Must show effort in the application.
i really dont know what to say here but here's something, i do more and talk less.

5. Must be willing to do duties outside of their regular duties.
I am willing to do what you want me do as long as it wont harm me.

God Speed and have a nice day


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Nov 12, 2010
Hi Tron,

I’m Cheal 22 years old. I’m currently working as a software engineer here in the Philippines.

I have been ACC’s guild leader for 3 years now and within that span of time, I have organized lots of guild events to provide enjoyment to my guild members thus they remain happy and loyal to our guild. You can talk to me any time since my work requires me to be in front of a computer. I am an active player. I visit, play and manage my guild everyday especially during weekends. I’m an experienced software engineer, uploading and editing of videos/fraps will not be a problem. I ‘am trained to lead and be a team player, I can cope up with any problem and came up with a good solution.

I want to take this opportunity to share those events to give happiness to other races, to return the favor and help our server.

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Apr 25, 2015
Cebu city
Good day SIR TRON

By the way im Kaizer John Tejano Damalerio, 22 years of age, and im a graduate of Political Science, and im currently residing in Cebu city,Philippines, ive been inactive for months due to some obligations in life, however I actually decided to have a huge come back in RFO and this might be it and play again and ive been a certified addict of RFO for almost couple of years..

So enough with the introduction..

To begin with i only have 3 things in mind

First,Will, For us to embody the duties and responsibilities we should have this so called WILL ,and that means that we have the interest to what were doing and what were into

Secondly,Dedication,Since we already have our will or the fire to the things that interest us most, everyone of us should be dedicated in everything we do.

Lastly,Action:Will is not enough,dedication is not enough, or shall i say WORDS is not enough,we should put it into action,So to fully embody the position of being a EVENT MASTER,


In addition I also do believe in this two Latin phrases

( Ignorance of the law excuses no one from conpliance therewith)

(The law maybe harsh but it ia still the LAW)

And thats it, if you have questions, I'm more than willing to answer that


Feb 14, 2014
In The Middle Of Nowhere
Good Day!
Greetings of Peace!
1. Must be at least 17 years of age
- I am 24 years of age male and going 25 this incoming month July.

2. Must be EXTREMELY active in the community

- Yes I am really active in the community because I play 24/7 in game and I have a fast computer and fast laptop which I can use for this spot. I have played this server since 2011 and still active till now and I can promise to help promote this server and help wherever I can.

3. Must be able to commit at least 15-20+ hours to fulfill Event Master Duties.

- Yes I can do this because my work is only at my home and I can login whenever I'm needed and I am a very reliable person.

4. Must show effort in the application.

- My family own's a spa at home and I am the massager at our spa because I am a physical therapist. I can show effort in this application because I really help players indeed and make forums exciting every time. I know becoming a Event Master is hard but I can promise to be the best and do my best. I use a good and fast cellphone using a LTE as the cellular data so I can check forums every time. I can also play wherever I want because I have a hot spot on my cellphone and a Laptop with rf olympic installed in it in short I'm only one call away. =)

5. Must be willing to do duties outside of their regular duties.

- Yes I am willing to do duties wherever and whenever and I have the ability to deal with risks and I have the energy and the potential to be a Event Master.

6. Must be able to work as a team and strive for excellence.

- I am a professional and I put quality into everything I do. I can step outside of the comfort zone just for this spot and I also train with a spirit of endeavour, and I accept the inevitability of trials and tribulations. I work as a team because I experienced a lot of things that needs team and I am always the leader in it and for that I know the true meaning of working as a team and striving for excellence because I know how to accept defeat gracefully and accept victory humbly.

It's my pleasure to work with you @TRON thanks and have a good day always.

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