Protect the King Event


Olympic GameMasters
Jul 15, 2011
Title: Protect the King.
Location: sette Desert
Time: 4pm +8GMT
Date: TBA


Each Race will have their King (Represented with a game master)
The objective for the race is to protect their king from being killed by the other races.
The time limit will be 1 hour in this event. The race with the most number of kills of KINGS will be the winner.

~The KINGS will not be immortal but will wear 85 armors with upgrade and Attack Def ELEMS and Tanker CLASS


~ Winning race will receive Kukras on their respected HQ the whole week (every after CW)
~ The people who killed the KING will receive 40 credits (only once, if he killed again, he will not receive anymore)
~ The winners must provide screenshot of them killing the KING
~ The GM's will provide screenshot as proof of the player who killed them for validation.