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Abusing Bugs/ Game Exploits

Any activity that is used for personal profits or causes damage to others by exploiting in-game bugs/errors can be subject to a permanent ban.​
1. Hiding Inside Mau, Tower Inside MAU or Beacon prohibited.​
2. Logging out while being attacked (FORCE LOG-OUT)​
3. Safe Zone De-Buffing, Healing​
4. Port in the area: Tower placement, Trap Placement.​
5. Chaos Potion Abuse on lowbies is not allowed.​
7. Blocking NPC in any way.​
1st Attempt - 5hr Ban to 1 Day Ban
2nd Attempt - 1 Day Ban
3rd Attempt - 5 Day Ban
Map/Terrain Glitches

The use of map/terrain glitches to gain EXP is not permitted and will automatically be treated as bug/error abuse (permanent ban). To report a player, please record a video or take a screenshot of the suspicious player.​
1st Attempt - 3 Day Ban
2nd Attempt - 7 Day Ban
3rd Attempt - Permanent Ban
Illegal Program Use

The use of any cheat tool (Cheat Engine, etc.) is against our terms and service. Any player that shows obvious signs of hacks will immediately receive a permanent ban. Players that are suspected of using illegal programs will receive a temporary ban until investigations are over.​
Examples of hacks include (but are not limited to):​
- Speed/Fly/Map Hack​
- Defense/Armor Hack​
1st Attempt - 7 Day - Permanent Ban
Guild GVG

Guild vs Guild must be a real fight between two guilds.​
1st Attempt - CPT Point Wipe
2nd Attempt - 5 Day Ban
3rd Attempt - 30 Day Ban
Chip War Rules

Setting a nuke inside the core and placing guard towers is legal only before HolyStone Keeper is safe. After HolyStone Keeper is safe nuke or guard tower placement is bannable.​
Chaos Potion Abuse in Chip War is prohibited.​
1st Attempt - 1-7 Day Ban
2nd Attempt - Permanent Ban
Race Leader/ Archon Rules

  • Elected archons are required to participate in at least 1 Chip War daily, Getting an HMS scanner does not equate as an "attendance".
    • Race Leaders must participate in at least 2 Chip Wars daily.
    • If an elected or appointed archon is inactive, the race has the obligation to report this to staff in 48 hours.
    • Race Leader power abuse, if chat/wanted without a legit reason. (Reason must be only valid if chat banned, a wanted player is harming race, any
    • personal/guild issues won’t be considered as a legit reason.)
    • Race Leader can chat ban player if the user is interrupting commands while Chip War is active.
1st Attempt - CPT Wipe – Removal
2nd Attempt - 2 Day Account Suspension
3rd Attempt - 7 Day Account Suspension
False Accusations

Any submitted reports that are intended to harm other players, or are against company policies, can be subject to a ban from the game: - False-reports​
showing that the account has been compromised.​
Submitting false tickets repeatedly to interrupt the game operation.​
1st Attempt - 3 Day Ban
2nd Attempt - 7 Day Ban
3rd Attempt - Permanent Ban
In-game Chat

As RFOlympic is an international server (since 2010), we use English as the main language. Use of English language in every chat is a must, except the following: /Map​
/Guild /Private chat​
1st Attempt - Warning – 6H Chat Ban
2nd Attempt - 1 Day Chat Ban
3rd Attempt - 5 Day Chat Ban
Advertising Other Sites/Servers

Players who advertise other websites or servers are going against our terms and service.​
1st Attempt - Permanent Ban
Chat Window Abusing

Inappropriate chat messages to annoy or disturb others.​
Racism in any kind of shape or form.​
1st Attempt - 1 Day Chat Ban
2nd Attempt - 3 Day Chat Ban
3rd Attempt - 7 Day Chat Ban or Game Ban
Reporting Process Procedure
Any actions that are against the policies shall be reported to GMs by submitting tickets via SUPPORT SYSTEM - OPEN TICKET.​
Please allow approximately 7 business days to investigate the submitted ticket, and the finalized decision will be implemented within 15 business days.​
Our GMs are doing their best to respond to tickets within 48 hours of submission. However, the actual process time can be extended depending on the case.​
When reporting a certain player or event, please send in a ticket with the following information:​
  • Name of player(s) involved in the situation
    • Video/screenshot
    • Time and Date
    • An explanation of the situation (GMs need to understand most of the situation to help).
***Without this information, it will be very difficult to assist players or to catch players***​
Donation Refund
Donation Services or Cash Point - Donated Funds will not be refunded, If payment has been canceled after service has been provided, this will involve IP Ban + Character, Purchased In-game and Account Wipe.​
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