Scavenger hunt event


Olympic GameMasters
Jul 22, 2015
Honolulu hawaii
Greetings Olympians,

What: Scavenger Hunt
When: to be announce


In 3 pvp map i will spawn a unneccesary mob which is a flem. race to kill the flem, who ever kills it will be the winner.. this map includes OCL, ELF LAND and ELAN MAP. Iwill be the one making video for proof of players, player can only win one time.. this is a race to kill and win, every one can use chaos pots to pvp same race and other race to win..

How do i know who will be the winner i will be there :)


1st to kill - 30 creds
2nd - 20 creds
3rd - 10creds

And to all who participated that didnt win will have 1 PB of choice each race.

Video of the event will be posted in FB account and in Forum. Please to check forum frequently for the updates thank you.


Olympic GameMasters
Dec 18, 2012
Land of the Red Sand
Hello Olympians! spread the word and mark your calender now for this another upcoming exciting event and be the one of the three lucky's players to recieve this propitious rewards.