EVENT Second Coming

Second caming.png
"Second COMING"

Greetings to the Olympians.The treacherous traitors of the races united and stole secret documents from the Novus cartel.
They managed to get to Elan. They hid behind the Ruin pillars and are waiting for the ship.

Mechanics of action:
~ Get to the designated "Elan" territory 5 minutes before the start. (It is important to take a position so that there is room for other races)
~ When the Game Master announces the start, the task of all races is to kill other races. And the victorious race must kill the traitors who are trying to escape with secret documents.

The following image shows the points where all races can take positions, as well as the red line where it is forbidden to enter during the match
Elan 2.png

1. Arrange pvp without admin permission
2. To approach close to the ruin pillars thereby provoking the traitors of the races, respectively and it is impossible to kill the traitors (Only the winning race among others in the final of the event kills).
3. Interfere with the game master in the event.

Prizes to the heroes, each member of the race who took part in special operations.
~ Box of Honor 10 pieces.
~ Shining relic print of 5 pieces.

~ Crystal talik of 20 pieces

The event will take place on Tuesday at 18:00. June 2, 2020 (GMT + 8 Philippines)
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