The Recruitment Event


Olympic GameMasters
Dec 18, 2012
Land of the Red Sand
The Recruitment Event

What: Recruitment Event
When: Launch Date (February 18, 2018) - End Date (to be announce)
Who: All 3 Races ( ACC / BCC / CCC )
Where: xxx
Status: Ongoing

The Recruitment Event gives players an opportunity to invite friends to the game, team up with them, and play together. A Recruiter can inspire new players to join the game as well as inviting former players back to battle. A Recruit is a player who has accepted an invitation to the game from a Recruiter. New Recruits include people who do not have an account on, and former players who have been inactive for a while. All Event participants have an opportunity to receive rewards.

To take part in the Event as a Recruiter and receive a reward (25 Credits) you must follow the following steps.

Step #1
- You need to have at-least a minimum of 5 recruits, the more the merrier.

Step #2 - All recruits must reach level 75, to avoid dummy recruits we set the minimum required level to 75.

Step #3 - All recruits he/she must own a personal account, 1 recruit 1 account, sharing of account will be invalid, 2 level 75 character or more in 1 account to be submitted as a recruit will be invalid.

Step #4 - You mush post 2 screen shots of your recruits, for a new player screen shot of the character from its creation day and a screen shot when he/she reaches level 75, and for the returnee player a screen shot of the level of his character from the time he got back to the game and a screen shot when he/she reaches level 75. (like the one shown on the Photo below)

Step #5 - Once a character is being presented as a recruit by first recruiter, the same character cannot be presented as a recruit by the second recruiter, so on and so forth.

Isn't it more fun playing side by side with your friends, leveling together, farming together and raiding together. So what are you waiting for, recruit them now and play together in RF Olympic, and experience the intense pvp in all hostile maps that this game features.

Note: for the screen shot you may ask your recruits to take a photo of their character and send them to you, or you can create a new character as well, and party with them and take a screen shot while the party bar option is open, this will indicate their current level.

Event Sample Entry (new recruit)

A screen shot of the day of character creation.

Event Sample Entry (new recruit)

A screen shot when it reached level 75.

Event Sample Entry (returnee)

A screen shot of the returnee player coming back from the game.

Event Sample Entry (returnee)

A screen shot when it reached level 75.

All entries should be submitted here on the link below:
The Recruitment Event - Official Entries

If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to post them here:
The Recruitment Event - Discussion Thread

All accounts to be presented as recruits in this Event will be scanned and check properly, to those who will not follow the guideline given in this event will be automatically disqualified and shall not be allowed to continue and participate.

Rules, prizes and dates may change without prior notice if the staff decided so.